About us

Sodexo in Bulgaria

The history of Sodexo in Bulgaria begins in 2003. Since then our team of professionals is constantly trying to improve the quality of life of companies and organizations from all business sectors in Bulgaria.

Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services contributes to the development of people and the improvement of the results of our clients and partners, by improving the quality of life of employees and acknowledging their achievements.

We develop, manage and deliver services for a better quality of life which help our clients to achieve their strategic goals:

  • Improve employee commitment, satisfaction and motivation
  • Optimize the costs for social benefits thanks to the special social and tax treatment
  • Improve the process efficiency and provide additional income through our incentive and recognition programs for key employees
  • Improved image for your company and better employee retention, through tailored and financially attractive social benefits for your employees

Sodexo Group

Founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon in Marseille, France, today Sodexo is the world leader in providing services that improve the quality of life. For almost 40 years now we have developed a unique expertise that is shared by nearly 460 000 employees in 72 countries around the world.

Sodexo is the only company which provides a complex service for its clients, by offering more than 100 innovative services, thanks to the diversity of professionals working in our teams. We develop, manage and provide a unique set of services: facilities management services, benefits & rewards services, and personal & home services for all our clients, to improve their quality of life.

We serve over 100 million users every day. This, along with our experience, allows us to develop quality life services which contribute to the individuals’ well-being, the improvement of their efficiency and the performance of companies and organizations, to improve their work … every day.

Through its activities, Sodexo creates value for its clients and employees, contributes to the economic development, and works to create additional employment opportunities on a local level.

Learn more about our corporate social responsibility.

Sodexo Group in numbers (as of December 2018):

460 000

Sodexo employees



1 300 000

Retail partners


Global scale private French employer

430 000

Business partners, using the Benefits & Rewards services

100 000 000

Users being served every day

Values and foundations:

Our mission is to improve the quality of daily life for everyone we serve and to contribute to the economic, social and ecological development of the communities, regions and countries in which we operate.

Our values

Team spirit – embodied in our work processes, our administrative and management teams. By combining their knowledge and skills, the members of our team support the success of Sodexo. We believe that team work depends on listening, transparency, respect for others, diversity, solidarity when making important decisions, respect for the rules and mutual support.

Progress – the spirit of progress is expressed through our determination, but also the strong belief that we can always improve the present moment by accepting our personal performance assessment and comparing it to that of our colleagues in the company and that of our competitors; self-evaluation – understanding that our success and failure is the basis for continuous improvement and perfection; balance between ambition and humility; and optimism – the conviction that each problem has a solution, which includes innovation and progress.

Quality service – it is in the center of everything we do for our clients and users. To serve them well, we have to prove that we are attentive and responsive. This means to be proud of our work and always be one step ahead, predicting their needs. Our employees and experts in customer service, work as real entrepreneurs who cooperate with their clients and can make decisions that are important and will have an impact.

Our ethical principles:

  • Loyalty
  • Respect for people
  • Transparency in business

Corporate responsibility

We refuse to accept the fact that billions of people around the world are starving and malnourished.

As part of the commitment towards the communities in which we operate, Sodexo created the STOP Hunger program in 1996, to help fight hunger and the causes for it. Our goal is for our employees, clients, sales representatives, partners and local communities to combine their efforts to achieve our goals and our cause.

The STOP Hunger program is composed of four main components:

  • Voluntary basis: encouraging the spirit of Sodexo’s employees to support initiatives for coping with hunger in the communities where they operate.
  • Sharing Sodexo’s experience: providing information about foods and their safety; everything about food waste; educating unemployed and homeless people about important skills for life and work.
  • Food donations: donating perishable and durable foods to organizations with different field of work that are fighting to reduce hunger and malnourishment.
  • Financial donations: sponsoring and supporting programs that fight hunger and malnutrition.

Countries on 6 different continents run 360 large-scale programs and develop partnerships with more than 230 non-government organizations, associations and charity campaigns. Each one of these programs has been adapted to a regional level, taking into account the needs of the specific region.

A world without hunger, a community!