What is the Podaruk Pass voucher reimbursement process?

Write down the date of accepting the vouchers and put a stamp of the retail outlet on the back of each Podaruk Pass voucher.

Fill in the reimbursement form presented to you by Sodexo Bulgaria.

Bring Podaruk Pass vouchers to the Sodexo counter each weekday between 9:00 and 12:00 or send them via mail or courier service.

Podaruk Pass vouchers are intended for single use. After receiving them, Sodexo carries out the following operations:

  • Cancels the accepted Podaruk Pass vouchers
  • Reads the barcode information of each voucher
  • Compares the information about the issued Podaruk Pass vouchers and those submitted for reimbursement
  • Checks the security features of each voucher
  • Physically destroys each received voucher, but keeps an electronic archive of it

After completing these operations Sodexo sends you an invoice containing information about the value of the service due, as well as the number and the nominal value of the Podaruk Pass vouchers that have been submitted for reimbursement.

If the client prefers the invoices could be sent via email.

Sodexo automatically deducts the service commission from the denomination of the Podaruk Pass vouchers, provided for reimbursement and pays the amount equivalent to the difference.

From Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00
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