Employer: What should I do if the validity of the vouchers has expired?

All types of vouchers, except Trapeza PASS under Regulation 7, can be reissued within 30 days of their date of expiry. To do this, please contact us at: orders.svc.bg@sodexo.com. We will send you a form, where you need to describe the number and nominal value of the vouchers. Then you will send us back only the part for Sodexo, together with the vouchers at: Sofia 1766, zh.k. Mladost 4, Business Park Sofia, building 12A, floor 1.

We will issue an invoice for the commission due to be paid for the reissuance of the vouchers, which you can find described in your contract. After you deliver the payment, within 5 days we will send you the reissued vouchers with the same validity and nominal value. The transportation costs will be covered by you.

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