The social benefits you offer can be your distinctive feature

We help small and medium-sized enterprises with the daily challenge of developing and maintaining employee motivation

Our solutions are ideal for start-ups and small businesses wishing to offer social benefits and rewards, as well as improve their employees’ quality of life, while also taking advantage of the advantageous tax benefits.

Our additional social benefits solutions will allow you to:

  • have a competitive advantage on the market
  • attract and motivate the best employees
  • be more flexible when negotiating salary levels

Trapeza PASS: Healthy and varied lunch for your employees

Trapeza PASS increases the purchasing power of employees and optimizes the costs through tax and insurance relief. The vouchers can be used in different locations throughout the country.

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Podaruk PASS: Personalized gift for your employees and partners, which provides thousands of opportunities

The relations with your employees are the driving force of your success. Motivate and reward your team with Sodexo's gift vouchers and give them thousands of opportunities. Check out more about the reward programs and this type of vouchers here.

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Flexi PASS: A package of flexible social benefits for everything that your employees like

The Flexi PASS vouchers are one of the most universal tools for providing social benefits and they offer your employees versatile options. The Flexi PASS combined vouchers include fitness, food, clothing, along with many other options. Read more here.

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