Thank your partners for their loyalty

Create long-term relations with your partners

Earn the loyalty and make your subcontractors, distributors, partners and clients even more satisfied by offering them Podaruk Pass or by including them in your reward program:

  • for a national or personal holiday
  • as part of your loyalty program
  • as a motivational tool for conducting joint retail or marketing campaigns

Podaruk PАSS is a testimonial of your gratitude to your business partners for your fruitful cooperation.

Podaruk PASS: Personalized gift for your employees and partners, which provides thousands of opportunities

The relations with your employees are the driving force of your success. Motivate and reward your team with Sodexo's gift vouchers and give them thousands of opportunities. Check out more about the reward programs and this type of vouchers here.

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Incentive programs

The incentive programs help you acknowledge and stimulate your teams.

They are a universal motivational tool:

  • adapted to the specific needs
  • with an opportunity for personalization
  • with long-term efficiency
  • suitable for every taste, age and status
  • easy to maintain and provide

Only Sodexo provides the opportunity to use 2 types of vouchers in your program – Podaruk PASS and Flexi PASS. This will give users the opportunity to choose from over 10 9000 retail outlets where they can use their vouchers and from thousands of services and goods, depending on their desires.

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