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Sport PASS

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application, access to more than 400 sports activities


locations in 63 towns throughout the country


different subscriptions you can choose from

Sport PASS

  • Sport Pass is a program which provides access to a network of more than 880 locations for sports, fun, relaxation and discounts. The goal of Sport Pass is to have a more active and social way of living and improve the overall quality of life.

  • As part of Sport Pass you can:

    • Try from a variety of more than 500 different activities every day, on the territory of the whole country.
    • Give yourself moments of laughter, adventures, fun or relaxation.
    • Use a discount of up to -50% in shops for supplements, bio food, sports equipment, massages, beauty procedures, etc.
    • Take advantage of the interesting functionalities which are offered in the Sport Pass application: Friend Pass, Games, Sport Pass community, etc.

Advantages for the Employers

  • Motivate your employees and improve their productivity by providing them with an unlimited access to different sports activities in a wide network of sports clubs, as well as discounts and special offers for goods and service related to leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • Sport Pass is an innovative social benefit for your employees, which provides them with the opportunity to try different sports activities every day, at a time and place convenient for them.

  • Sport Pass provides:

    • unlimited access to a variety of sports activities and sports clubs;
    • optimization of expenses and administration;
    • flexible financing: the service provides 3 payment options: 100% by the Employer, 100% by the Employees, Combined option;
    • easy entry and administration;
    • increased purchasing power of the employees, by different discounts in the sports centers and stores for sports, wellness and health products (sports clothing and accessories, healthy food);
    • improved well-being and health of the employees and their quality of life which leads to reduced absenteeism from work and less sick leaves;
    • improved motivation and commitment of your employees and teams;
    • improved efficiency and productivity

Advantages for the Employees

  • For your health and quality of life - еxercise each day and enjoy the freedom to choose between different sports activities and special discounts everywhere and at any time.

  • Sport Pass is an application for sport and fun, which provides its owner unlimited access to various sports activities in a rich network of sports clubs. Sport Pass entitles you to a number of discounts and special offers for good and services related to sports, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Many options with only one subscription:

    • unlimited access – you can visit your favourite fitness or sports club every day and have one free of charge sport activity per day;
    • a variety of sports activities and clubs;
    • freedom of choice – every user chooses the place, the time and the type of sport they can exercise: on Monday – fitness, on Wednesday – yoga, on Thursday – swimming;
    • special offers and discounts for products and services in retail outlets related to sports, wellness and health prevention;
    • easy access and easy use: everything happens through the application on your mobile phone.

Advantages for the Partners

  • Join our sports clubs network or our retail outlets network, which offer discounts, by signing a contract with us. There is no initial fee for joining or any hidden fees.

  • We will provide all required materials on time and train your employees. Without any card readers necessary, or boring lists, you just need internet connection and a phone or a computer.

    • Advertise your business among thousands of potential clients;
    • Attract new clients and business partners;
    • Receive an additional communication channel;
    • Increase the recognition of your business;
    • Improve loyalty;
    • Gain a trustworthy partner – Sodexo works with more than 2 600 business partners and has been on the Bulgarian market since 2003.
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