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Electronic meal vouchers: everything you need to know as an employer


You're an employer and you know that the digitization of food stamps began on January 1, 2024, but you're not familiar with the details of the topic? Or are you the person who takes care of your team's benefits, but that's just one of your many tasks on an endless list?

Frequently asked questions from employers

What is an electronic meal voucher?

As before, through food vouchers, employers provide their employees with a monthly tax and national insurance-free amount that can be used for food and non-alcoholic beverages. 

Only the medium changes - instead of the current paper vouchers, operators will issue a card (physical or virtual) for each employee. Employers transfer the card amounts via an online platform and employees can shop with the cards at a wide network of retail outlets.

What is the legal framework?

Changes related to food vouchers are regulated by amendments to the Corporate Income Tax Act (CITA), published in the State Gazette on 1 August 2023. 

On 28.11.2023, amendments to Regulation 7 of the Ministry of Finance were published, which come into force on 1 January 2024. Details on this topic can be found here.

How will the transition from paper to electronic food vouchers happen?

In order to start providing digital food vouchers, you will need to enter into a new contract with Plexi Bulgaria. For your convenience, this can happen entirely online. The contract can be signed in advance, and the migration to digital vouchers can happen whenever you choose by June 30, 2024. 

You can contact your account manager or call 0700 40 700* to get information on the steps required. The process is quick, easy and can be done entirely online.

How can I start providing electronic meal vouchers for my team if I haven't provided this benefit before?

If you haven't worked with Ploughshares Bulgaria before, you can submit a quote request or call 0700 40 700*. A sales representative will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with a quote. 

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How long are paper food vouchers issued for? 

Until 30 June 2024. Plexi Bulgaria will continue to print paper vouchers under Regulation 7. 

Can I provide cards to some employees and paper vouchers to others?

A company cannot provide both electronic and paper vouchers to its employees. When you choose to switch to cards, this happens for all members of your team.

Will electronic meal vouchers be tax-free? 

Yes. As well as paper vouchers, electronic vouchers will be tax and National Insurance exempt up to £200 per month per employee. They will be used to buy food, groceries and non-alcoholic beverages from outlets in the Ploxy Bulgaria network. 

Will the paper vouchers be valid after digitalization?

Yes. All paper vouchers issued until 30 June 2024 are valid until the expiry date written on each voucher. They will be accepted seamlessly in the partner network of Ploxy Bulgaria retail outlets. 

What is the validity period of the e-vouchers?

Like paper vouchers, e-vouchers will have a validity of up to 1 year - the period within which they must be used. When your employee spends their vouchers, the system will automatically use the most recently loaded amount first. The card itself, on which the electronic vouchers are loaded, has a validity of 5 years, i.e. it is replaced every 5 years. 

How do I order and reload e-vouchers?

Quickly and online!

Ordering and recharging of cards will happen through the Plexi Bulgaria online card portal. After signing a contract with us and registering on the platform, you will be able to easily and conveniently order the cards for your employees as well as reload them with a few clicks every month. 

How will employees keep track of the availability on their cards?

Easily through their mobile device!

After receiving their card, each employee will be able to install the Pluxee mobile app (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store) where they can quickly and easily find out the amount available on their card, track their movement history or block their card if necessary.

How do I inform my employees of upcoming changes?

We've put together some useful information for your employees in the article Digitising food vouchers: everything you need to know as an employee. After signing up with Plexi Bulgaria, you will also receive additional information to provide to your employees to save you time on more important things.

If you have a retail outlet and want to start accepting electronic vouchers, you can read the article Digitising food vouchers: everything you need to know as a retailer.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us - we'd be happy to answer them.